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We are devising a blueprint (or greenprint) on how public ownership of the public forest estate can be maximised once the fight against its sale has been won.

• Communities able to buy or lease local woodlands, but only if they proof ability to raise funds and manage the woods. It should be difficult to achieve, not easy.

• Creation of an experimental regional network of woodfuel supply, with investment in processing plants.

• Grants for planting more trees for woodfuel.

• Defined role of Forestry Commission in Heritage Forests so that trusts within those forests can officially take on more responsibilities in partnership.

• Objective for Forestry Commission to reduce imports of timber.

• Promotion of local sawmills and mobile sawmilling services.

• Restore more Plantations on Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS), with the support of the public and help from Woodland Trust and those that support ancient woodlands. Currently too few people understand the concept.

• Use of public forests to run pioneer programmes, possibly even a National Forest Service, to engage disaffected young people.

• Continued use of public forests to experiment with trial tree crops, like eucalyptus, and seeds from warmer climates to prepare for climate change.

This is our first draft. If anyone has further ideas on how the Public Forest Estate can be used, do please comment.

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